Peace Resonance

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Peace resonance (vibration) is the topic we would like to report on today.
How does it work? How does it reflect? How does it throw attention to us?…….and how can we change it?
“Peace” is a word but a feeling, too.
Many of us actually know it and felt it yet.
Who only knows it in mind or had it in his/her mouth but did not feel it, does not know what peace really means.
How does the peace resonance work on Earth?
The peace resonance begins with those human beings that would like to have peace on Earth very consciously.
If we want to belong to them, we have to make peace with people that are around us daily.
A part of mankind did it a long time ago but there are many that do not live in peace with other people.
If everybody knew that almost all people that are around us daily, belong to our soul family, the understanding concerning peace with each other would probably become more advanced.
If we achieve to be in peace with all people around us, we can feel the feeling of peace deeper.
Did you ask yourself why many people talk about peace but there is no peace on Earth?
It is the peoples fault because they only talk about peace but they do not live in harmony with themselves and other people.
There cannot be peace on Earth as long as people do not live in peace with each other.
People do not solve their conflicts, on the contrary, they run away and make them worse.
Currently there is no peace resonance (vibration) on Earth and even various “light beings” are not able to change it.
There is no “light being” that is able to prevent wars. People have finally to understand that they are responsible for it.
We observe, decade by decade, how wars are fought and no “light being” is able to prevent anything.
Of course, we human beings are only partly guilty that we have been manipulated for centuries.
We have been diverted perfectly by materialistic things, fears, brainwashing and so on.
Currently we observe once again a conflict in the world (Ucraine) that could be easily turn into a war.
We have once again the possibility to do something against it.
What are we doing? … least the majority of the population?
We sit and watch manipulated news as well as we read censored newspapers.
We judge Putin as a bad person although he is one of the few presidents who is religious.
Therefore he could not be manipulated.
Dear people… reports on the internet because they are not censored.
There you can see and read the truth.
Print out some information and give them to your friends and relatives.
Some people are going on the streets to demonstrate and the rest is not doing anything.
The Europeans obviously have no idea what a war here in Europe means.
Demonstrating for the good is nice and perhaps people can get together through it.
But that won´t be enough.
Everybody has to go inside him-/herself in order to eliminate his/her anger, fury, hatred, envy and negative thoughts.
Only if everybody is clear of him-/herself, he/she is able to make peace with other people.
If people live in peace with each other, they will be a large group.
Many of those groups become one huge group.
This huge group is that strong that it is able to cause a peace resonance.
If things like that happened everywhere on earth, no war would be possible anymore !
The peace resonance would be here and by then various “light beings” could contribute their powers to it and everything would be possible.
Wo do not have to talk that much about peace now.
We have to do something for it.
If so, we have to start looking at ourselves!
Peace and unit are 2 nice words but people are unfortunately very far from it.
Most people do not even know that they have a soul and that people that are around us daily, belong to our soul family.
Only the understanding that there is a soul and that people we hate and love are from our soul family, would cause an enormous progress among us.
You can read more about the soul on our website: (information is free of charge)
It is up to us human beings and it has to do with our soul.
If we do not do anything, the Earth continues reflecting that.
The Earth shows us what are we like.
Our resonance (vibration) is reflected by the Earth.
Therefore dear people, think about it, create your own opinion and ignore the media.
Mankind is that manipulated that only a few hundred thousand understand
what is going on here.
The most important is: peace begins with ourselves and can end up in the whole world.
No peace among people = no peace resonance = no peace on Earth.
Do something! You are the creator of this planet!

PDF - ePub - mobi