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The effects of love and fear are very powerful.
We all want to have love because without it mankind are not really able to exist.
Love as we human beings know it, is only a small part of love that exists in the universe.
We people only connect nice things with love because our imagination is too small to understand that negative things have to do with love, too.
Love is a mighty power that is able to unite and to change everything.
Love is the “basic material” of everything that exists.
Fear is something different.
Nobody wants to be afraid because it is an unpleasant feeling.
Through fear negative energies are released.
Near them are often found negative souls/spirits.
Fear is the connection with black magic that can be very powerful.
Through fear love can be created, too.
We human beings can speak using nice words and face each other with love……and nevertheless it does not seem to be enough to understand basic things.
When the human being suffers and is afraid of something, he/she starts to change his/her mind and to feel different.
We can observe that daily in people that get the diagnosis “cancer” from their doctors.
The fear of death or the fear to lose something adored makes the human being to change his/her mind and to understand something.
The fear of terrorist attacks (for example 9.11. 2001) that cause danger to people, have the effect to unite people and to be in favour of war.
This actually shows that fear has an enormous effect although nobody wants to be afraid.
People that are full of love, have been trying for decades to reach other people and to convince them that everything can be solved through love.
“Love” is the magic word that mankind hardly understand nowadays.
What happened to people?
The answer is simple: we have been manipulated and we are too weak and materialistically too committed to notice it.
Love was taken away fron us and we do not understand it anymore.
Even if we felt love again, we still would be far away from universal love because, concerning that love, there happen negative things through love, too.
What remains for us human beings?
Should we wait for thousands of years until everybody might find the way back to love?……..or is there another way?
The way of fear that makes us quikly understandable what we experience daily and see by countless examples.
If there was news saying that everything is different than we thought and learned, we would believe it and change.
But that will probably never happen as long as everything continues being manipulated here on Earth.
There probably has to happen something extraordinary that frightens mankind deeply to change (finally) our mind and to understand that something is wrong on Earth.
There are nice “stories” in the bible, for example”the 10 plagues” that came over mankind.
Through it, mankind understood that there is something else.
Therefore they got united.
We hesitated to use the “bible example” because the bible was partly manipulated….but it is an example that fits in.
Of course, there are many other examples where fear, chaos and suffering turned into a new order and love.
At least we can see that it worked using fear but it only worked partly using love.
Love is right and fear is wrong.
The question is if we really want to wait that long until in thousands of years all people will be full of love, they will understand what love means and they will be able to connect themselves to the universe.
How long should we get manipulated and slaved?
We think something has to happen to “wake up” mankind. The question is “what”?
Nobody has had an answer to this question so far or nobody knows what the “what” means.

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