How does the Game of Life work?

Short Version

Every human being has a soul (an invisible form of energy) that leaves the human body after its death and that either goes immediatly to a newborn body or stays in the universe for a while.
We are 50% soul and 50% human body with its self thinking brain.
The soul lived many uncountable lives before, experiences something new in each human body and has to solve various tasks in each life.
The soul stores every experience (as our brain stores matters, too) and uses them as a base in the new body.
The human brain and soul cannot get connected to each other per 100%.
Nevertheless, the soul steers (more or less) and influences the human body concerning its actions.
It depends on how consciously the human body is.
The soul meets many members of its “soul family” again during its life (“soul family” does not mean “biological family”) and tries to solve various conflicts with some of them or to experience something.
This happens in completely different constellations, for example as a man, a woman, a father, a mother, a spouse, a friend or a neighbor and so on.
We change our spouses/friends/relatives and so on quite a few times in life (We always meet members of our “soul family”.) in order to experience something new.
The soul has to experience nearly all the negative and positive matters that exist on earth in order to advance to a new level/planet. All events on earth in lifetime are predetermined and perfectly organized. Everything has its purpose in order the soul can collect experiences through the human body that it absolutely needs. There is no coincidence in human life. After all, the most important thing is, that people and other “beings” love each other on earth. If our soul and body have reached that kind of love, the main task here on earth is solved.
It can be a long way there for many souls by having lots of incarnations (going into new bodies again and again).
In case we understand the Game of Life now, we have the possibility to get completely conscious in the present life and to solve all the conflicts and life tasks.
Through it, our soul gets the possibility to incarnate in other beings on another planet after our death.
A new game starts again in order to solve tasks and to experience the necessary.
The Game of Life is simple but it has to be understood. (It works like a common computer game with many levels.)
All this has never been taught and we have never had the possibility to learn it.
The humanity was manipulated by intention in order to not to find out that ancient knowledge that different people already had thousands of years ago.
But there is an end now!
The time of awakening has come!