How does the Game of Life work?

I have to warn you for the last time before you are going on reading!
In case you understand this text, nothing will be as it was before in your life!
Your world view and your kind of thinking will be different and therefore your feelings concerning some matters, too!
The Game of Life is actually quite simple and perfect but sometimes also unbelievable and to many people simply too hard!
Many people will have difficulties to take in this information and to digest it.
Not everybody is ready for it yet, too.
Therefore please do not continue reading and do not read on this site again.
Go on living your comfortable life as usual and do not worry ………..or would you like to experience all the positive and negative knowledge now and do you have the courage and the spirit to live with this knowledge and to prepare you for the forthcoming changes in the world?
If so, continue reading please!

The information on this site is neither invented nor copied.
We get the information and the answers through our medium that is (literally) able to communicate with the Maximum ( souls, spirits, archangels) that are responsible for our planet Earth.
Our testing in form of simple and clear questions is asked by our medium to the maximum soul (everybody has different names for it such as god, spirit, master universe, lord or lords prayer and so on) that are responsible for our planet.
Our medium gets clear and word-to-word answers from there that we write down here for the whole world.
There is information here that somebody has never heard before and that, partly, stands historical facts as we know them on their heads.
We rewrite the history of the creation of mankind.
Therefore we will produce a school book (1. grade) and other books in the future.
There were people in the past that were very close to decipher the Game of Life.
The researched on this field for years.
A few were close to find it out but it was not brought before the public because it was cleverly prevented from doing so.
We are really sorry for them who collected hard the right but also the wrong information for years, and they now, possibly through our answers, have to think over their interpretation of the soul and the universe.
Our new information is partly just a few weeks or months old and was tested by our medium that gets word-to-word answers.
Several people tried to inform humanity in the past yet, concerning sundry knowledge in form of books, lectures, videos and via internet in order to wake people up to deal with spirituality and esotericism consciously.
Everything should be helpful for people to find their way back to themselves and to see and perceive the “for each other” and the “with each other” in the right perspective again.
But, unfortunately, nothing got better through it.
Time had not come yet and information did not reach everybody.
People are still at war, they behave like children and kill each other only because of materialistic goods or different religions.
Most people got lost on a materialistic way and forgot what is really important in life.
Various powers distract us very consciously from the right way and tell us lies.
Solely in Germany, it is frightening how people developed into the negative: the whole stress, the anger, the fury, the hatred, the envy and those negative thoughts.
This country is being ruined systematically from inside by calculated manipulation.
All this has to have an end now! How far shall we go? Most people do not even notice this bad situation!
We would like to reach all people in the world and we hope they will support us by spreading this information.
Cosmic energies have been a bit higher since 2012 and the number of people who are “waking up” slowly, has never been as numerous as now.
Never before have people talked about matters that are out of order in this world as much as now!
At the same time, many people are not able to bear those higher energies.
They are about to freak out!
Cosmic energies on earth will even get higher next year and the effects on people cannot be foreseen.
Time has come for many people to “wake up” and to start to bring everything in order that is wrong.
Of course, not everybody will “wake up” but the number of people who will become more consciously will increase soon.
About a year ago, we and our medium did not know anything about all that and did not believe in it, either.
We only perceived small signs during our whole life that we can interpret now.
We were able to liberate ourselves from wrong information and wrong ways of thinking.
We are lucid now and able to feel our spirit/soul.
Our medium got its abilities from one day to the next, too.
Everything was predetermined. We noticed that immediatly and started to put it into action.
Before, we had been ignorant for decades like most people. Life played with us and we thought that was normal.
But it is not like that.
It is completely different to what we were tought in the kindergarden, at school and apprenticeship, at work and so on.
We have worked with our medium for a year now, have put together questions and answers and represent them here and now.
The Game of Life is like a game that has a game guidance.
Through it, everybody is able to join in actively now and does not have to be the game ball anymore.
Through it, the human being is able to feel his spirit/soul and to start living finally “his” life.
We wrote down 2 versions because one of them is quite long and not everybody might have the time to read it immediatly.