As slavery did not work anymore because mankind started to fight it, something had to be changed.
Through the invention of money, people got dependent on taxes which is a kind of slavery (having more freedom), too.
All signs point toward inflation in Europe now or the collapse of the monetary union.
Money will lose its value soon.
Presently is being made an desperate attempt to keep it but a lot of experts have predicted it.
It will overturn as it was planned when the Euro was established.
There will be a currency reform.
The ruin of Europe and mainly Germany has begun for a long time.
It is a mega game of manipulation of more than 700 billion people.
Anyway, this matter is going to be too political…….
We only would like to say to all people that have a soul: use things that nature offers us and do not get too dependent on money.
There will be a change soon here in Europe concerning money.
Go through life awake and with open eyes and feel the really important things because they do not cost anything!

Which meaning has gold ?

Gold belongs to the earth.
It is precious raw material that is not found on every planet.
We human beings can use gold to protect us from environmental pollution by wearing it or putting it on certain places in our flat/house.
Through gold we are able to increase the level of our energy field and we can use it to heal.
But do not expect miracles!!!
We can increase the energy of gold by holding it in our hands and, by talking to it in our mind, we can use gold to protect us or to connect it to other things.
Who thinks gold could be a solution, might be wrong.
If the currency system collapses, the government might establish a law that forbids the possession of gold.
All the gold bullions you have bought at your bank in order to deposit them for bad times have been registered.
You might be forced to change your gold for other inflation papers.
Everything is possible nowadays.
It does not have to be like that but it could!
Of course, you could buy unregistered gold bullions from various gold dealers that can be found in every city…..and nobody would know it……
So you may have a kind of currency in case of emergency?
Maybe……maybe not!
There are people, too, that have been buying preserved food for years in order to be prepared for the case of emergency.
This is probably better than store some gold bullions under your pillow at home.
Of course, either would not be that bad.
In case of emergency, the human being needs something to eat and he cannot eat gold.
It is possible to get life energy from gold but nearly no human being is able to use it ( other beings are able to).
Gold was mined on earth thousands of years ago and was used by other beings as a source of life energy ( and was taken away).
Other beings from other planets know that there are various gold deposits on earth.
Those beings take in pure life energy from gold.
Nobody should be surprised if gold deposits are simply disappeared in some countries.
We can use gold to make friends with beings from other planets.
Our recommendation is: gold is not secure as currency or an article of value but the unregistered possession of it might be a crucial point somewhen!