Notes about how to go healthy through the present life.

1. Love every human being, animal and plant as if it was a part of yourself and forgive everybody who hurt you.
Dash anger, envy, hatred, fury and negative thoughts inside you.
2. Nourish yourself by springwater, plants and energies and not by animals that make you ill and lazy.
3. Always act following your belly/heart feeling (soul) and not your brain (mind) that only misleads you.
4. Avoid chemical medicaments/products as well as food and drinks that are polluted by metals, plastics and chemistry.
5. Use positive energies from the sun, the earth, the water, the air, trees, stones and sexuality.
6. Create your environment without electronical/electrical and other fields and waves and be in the open country as often as possible.
7. Do not care much for materialistic matters but start to get rid of the unnecessary and learn to make out the really important matters.
8. Try to find your tasks in this this life and digest the past of the present and the last life.
9. Do not get manipulated by the media/the system and live following your own vibrations as often as possible.
10. Understand the game of life with its tasks and the fact that we are on this planet to learn and to instruct.