We are a big family or a group of meanwhile 80 People from different countries who work together closely and share all information.
We are soul specialists, because through our medium, we are able to ask every soul of every human being and to get all the answers directly.
As our soul is the most important for our welfare and decides about health and illness, the soul is what makes us a human being.
We learned what a soul is, how it works together with the human body and what it results in.
We only could experience that through our medium that provided direct answers to our questions.
Therefore we did not have to Research, to study and we did not need any self experience.
Within a short time, we acquired all the ancient knowledge, that is told about souls.
Furthermore, we know facts now, that had been kept secret or undiscovered so far.
Now we are able to deal with every human being far more than psychologically and we know how to find out the real reasons concerning his disease or his suffering.
Of course, our medium would be helpful and could optimally ask the soul of every human being.
We try to write simple that everyone can understand us, without using foreign words such as “Dimensions”, “Light workers”, “Hyper Rooms”, “Kharma” amd so on. Many people do not understand those words and close their ears immediatly when they hear them.
The many kinds of words that usually exist and that are used by many writers, will not appear here that often, either.
Of course, after all, the love of all human beings for each other is the most important thing, but many people do not understand those words anymore.
Therefore we are going to write shortly, clearly and simply, similar to the writing of pupils during their early years at school.
We hope to reach everyone because every human being is important and a part of us.
We would like to translate our texts into many foreign languages and therefore we have to write simply and clearly.
All information on this lunaterramartis site was not created by us or copied from other web sites, books or lectures but it was only a determined questioning into the universe, using our recently discovered medium that can practise channeling and oracles in real time.
Of course, we put all those answers perfectly together and stored it here to be read.
Everyone of us has a different job and works here in his spare time.
We all lived unconsciously and were far away from the truth and the right way of living until we got the answers by our medium step by step.
Therefore our lives changed and we can see clearly now and we live our lives very consciously.
We love the live and all people and we would like to help that other people can see things the way we do.